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The Hetalia Kink Meme Index
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Hetalia Kindex, working since September 2009
Welcome to hetalia_kindex. This is a work-in-progress index of hetalia_kink 's fills.

Membership is open; you may join, watch and comment but you cannot post. Anyone who chooses to 'watch' the community runs the risk of being inundated by Kindex entries. We also have the Kindex Delicious, for even easier searching through our archives!

Our sibling community is hetalia_reqdex which is not yet fully operational but which will eventually log requests alongside the Kindex's fills.

At the moment, we are accepting new staff members. See the Apply for Staff page for information on our requirements. Currently, we are cataloging Part 11 & Past Parts Fills 1 of the kink meme.
We at the Kindex Staff follow the Rule of France to rate the content of fills:

★ - France naked, but covered by a rose - a.k.a. G or PG
★★ - France groping someone - a.k.a. PG-13
★★★ - France having sex with anyone (or anything) - a.k.a. R or N-17

Because France sets the standard for anything sexy.
Please abide by them; maintaining this place is not easy, so please don't make our job harder.

♦ 1. Respect everyone.
♦ 2. Pay attention to the mods.
♦ 3. No falsely claiming yourself as the author or artist of a fill.
♦ 4. No conversations that have nothing to do with the request/fill entry. Opening discussion on a request, giving a review of a fill, or asking the filler questions is acceptable.
♦ 5. No trolling or spamming on request/fill entries.
♦ 6. No Nth-ing here on the community or on any entries.

Got that? Okay. Now go here for the fun stuff you can do.
Administrators: irrationalsense // kitrinathegreat // chaos_prodigy //
Moderators: insomniel // valmora
Helpers: arivi , i_boudicca_i

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